Starting in Gravity Sketch
I decided to start my exploration inside Gravity Sketch, utilizing the manikins for a one to one scale model. This allowed me to both play with form exploration, while also catering to the needs of the seat. 
A bucket seat needs to support three main areas: the hips, shoulders, and head.
I was able to use the manikins to help me sculpt my forms while also staying in proportion to their bodies. The easy duplication of models within Gravity Sketch allowed me to make the twelve preliminary models within a matter of minutes. The mirror tool allowed me to focus on the form I was trying to achieve instead of symmetry, which would be a struggle with analog sketching. 
Taking screenshots with the tool in Gravity Sketch allowed me to export my sketches into Photoshop, where I then created an underlay to further explore my forms analog. My reasoning behind doing this is so I can focus on the overall form language as a whole body, before I return to three dimensions, to build my finalized GS iterations.

Underlay for Analog Sketches
I printed out this sheet of my Gravity Sketch models as an underlay to further explore my intended form language. I enjoy using a pen and paper for sketching as I feel more connected to my drawings. I find using a digital drawing device can hinder the ability to draw the intended organic forms as it normally digitally manipulates the input from the drawing pencil.
Sketches to Sub-D Modeling
After bringing my analog sketches back into Gravity Sketch, I began to create surfaces and build my seat. I used a combination of existing 3D sketches, my new analog sketches, and my findings during the modeling process to achieve my final form.
The Sub-D workspace is very elaborate and there is definitely more for me to learn. With my basic knowledge of the controls, combined with knowing surface topology, I was able to get the form I wanted.
Final Model
Overall this project took me roughly 6 hours to complete. I found that after learning the basics of Gravity Sketch, it is a great tool to get down ideas fast, especially if you are a spacial person like me. I look forward to learning more of the capabilities of this program and how I can further use it to its potential.

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